Slots vs Crash Games: Which Is Best?

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JetX by Smartsoft is one of the symbols of crash gaming

For a long time, slots have been the most popular casino games, at least, among those who want outcomes to be based on chance. Then, they introduced crash games. It would be an exaggeration to say these two are now competing. And yet, it’s curious to compare them. 


The gameplay in slots is more varied and simply richer. First and foremost, there are different types of slots. In ricky casino australia, for instance, you find

  • 3-reels and 5-reels titles
  • Classic and 3D games
  • Hold & Wins and Bonus Buy slots

And all these have different mechanics. Plus, there are special features that likewise enrich the gameplay. Wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus rounds, slots — they all add layers to the gameplay. Every spin can thus unlock a new combination of features and it feels thrilling.

In crash games, it’s all more straightforward. Simplicity is the key here. Such gameplay is far easier to understand (it’s not that slots’ gameplay is difficult to understand but still). Let’s take how you play jetx, for instance:

  • you bet on a multiplier
  • you decide when to cash out
  • you can do this before the jetx crashes (you won, then!)
  • or, you can be too late with your decision (you lost).

So you see, it’s primitive but the element of a “crash” as such makes it quite addictive. And that’s why crash games are such a hit.


Slots are synonymous with huge payouts. Of course, not all of them but progressive jackpots for sure. These games pool a portion of every bet across a network of games. So they may actually award payouts in the millions. Besides, slots are a little bit more profitable choice because many promotions in online casinos are tied to them. The most apparent example, in this regard, is free spins. Many casinos offer them at least once a week and you aren’t required to do much to get them.

Crash games, too, can offer significant returns but only if you cash out at high multipliers. Even in that case, they generally don’t reach the astronomical sums seen in jackpot slots. Under the most optimistic scenario, half a million dollars is the maximum you can account for.


Slots are the most varied games in online casinos. This is no exaggeration. Open any 5 online casinos and check their game collections. With a 99% probability, you will see thousands of slot titles and a dozen or several dozen crash games.

That’s understandable. There are hundreds of studios that develop slot games and have been doing so for years. Crash games are new, not every studio designs them, and so the variety is yet limited. Of course, new titles are being introduced but it’s still hard for crash games to match the extensive catalog of slots.


This one’s interesting. On the one hand, we can see that slots are doing their best to look fresh. Take Hacksaw’s titles, for instance. They look very very good and in no way outdated. And yet, despite modern features and graphics, slots often retain a retro feel and a touch of nostalgia. Perhaps, it’s subjective but there seems to be something old-school about them.

In contrast to this, crash games feel more like modern video games than traditional casino games. And thanks to this, they may appeal to a demographic that might not typically be drawn to classic casino gaming. They have this casual gaming atmosphere that’s enriched with real money wins.

Slots vs Crash Games: A Comparison

Now, where does this leave us? It seems that there are now winners or losers in this comparison. Each game type offers sufficient arguments for its fans to explain why it’s the best.

FeatureSlotsCrash Games
GameplayFeature-rich, diverseSimple, straightforward
PayoutsHigher potential with jackpotsConsistently good, but generally lower
AtmosphereClassic, casino-associatedModern, casual gaming feel


On balance, crash games are certainly newer and aren’t associated with gambling that much. They are like casual games where you can win or lose money. Slots, in turn, are the epitome of gambling. Yes, the mechanics is more or less the same but the variety (thousands of titles!) is impressive, anyway. Plus, the size of possible wins is also a draw for some. It will be curious to see how the balance will change (if at all) in about ten years from now.

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