The History of Different Online Casino Games From Around the World

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Humans have been gambling and testing their luck for much longer than you might have expected. Gambling is almost as old as time itself, whether people were risking their hard-earned gold coins or whatever things they had to trade. This article will take readers on a historical tour through the intriguing past of numerous casino games from across the globe. Each game has its own history to tell, from the development of card games to the invention of slot machines. As we explore, you might discover the historical roots of some of the highly-rated online casinos and be intrigued by where the top UK casino games have their origins.

The Rise of Card Games

Numerous modern card games have their roots in older card games that have been played for hundreds of years all throughout the world. Playing cards have their earliest known history in ancient China. Cards were one of many innovations that came and went during the Tang Dynasty, which ruled from the seventh to the early tenth century. From China, playing cards travelled to the Middle East and, in the 14th century, made their way to Europe.

After that, cards would go over the Atlantic to the English colonies for centuries to come until eventually establishing themselves in nearly every region of the contemporary globe. Even though not all card games include betting, they are a standard in both traditional and online casinos. The three most played card games in a casino are blackjack, poker, and baccarat. Here is a deeper look at each of them. 


Currently, one of the most played card games worldwide is undoubtedly blackjack. Blackjack, which is occasionally referred to as “21,” has its origins in 17th-century France. Here, it was originally known as “Vingt-et-Un,” which translates to “21.” It saw a boom in popularity in the United States in the 19th century and has since taken over as the sport of choice for players everywhere.

Many people like playing blackjack for many reasons. The fact that blackjack has one of the lowest house edges of any game in the casino is perhaps the main factor in why people enjoy playing it. This implies that compared to a game like roulette, the chances are a little bit higher in your favour. Players can further increase their odds by counting cards. However, you should know that counting cards is frowned upon by basically every casino and can easily get you banned. Nevertheless, there have been a number of effective card counters throughout the years who have fascinating tales to share. 


Another popular card game with a long and rich history is poker. Poker can trace its origins back to the early 19th century and perhaps even the late 18th century. One of the earliest variations involved four players and a 20-card deck. Players would be dealt cards and bet on whose hand was the most valuable. The game has evolved over time, with various versions and variations being played around the world, but Texas Hold’em is arguably the most popular. Texas Hold’em utilises a 52-card deck, with each player being dealt 2 and 5 being used as community cards. Players take turns betting, hoping that they have the best 5-card hand at the table in order to win the pot. 

Poker is not only a popular casino game but also a widely televised and competitive sport. The World Series of Poker draws millions of viewers and players from around the world, hoping to hit a hot streak and take home a title—plus a large cash prize. These days, you can easily play poker from the comfort of your own home and compete in tournaments at many different online sites; just be careful and make sure that it is a reputable site before you get scammed. 


Baccarat came from 15th-century Italy and was initially played by the nobility before quickly gaining popularity throughout Europe. The game eventually made its way to America in the 20th century with the influx of Italian immigrants and has become a favourite among high rollers in casinos around the world. 

There are a few different variations of baccarat out there, but they all mostly revolve around comparing two hands: the banker’s and the player’s. There are only three possible outcomes: the player wins, the banker wins, or they tie. Players at the table may bet on any of the three outcomes and aren’t limited to betting on the “player’s” hand like blackjack or poker.

The Evolution of Dice Games

Dice are way older than playing cards and have been used to play games and gamble for thousands of years across different cultures ranging from ancient Rome to ancient Egypt. Both civilisations were known to play dice games, and their impact can still be felt in the dice games that we play today.


Craps, a game famous for its wild atmosphere and superstitions, has its roots in ancient Rome but gained popularity in the United States in the 19th century. Craps come in many various forms, but they all centre on the same action: throwing the dice and hoping to land on some numbers while avoiding others. In any casino, you can quickly identify a craps table by looking for the most boisterous crowd gathered around an oval-shaped table. If you want to attempt playing craps, make sure to ask questions and avoid saying the number seven at the table. That is bad luck.

Sic Bo

Another game on this list that originated from ancient China, Sic bo, has been played for centuries worldwide but is mainly popular in Asia. The game eventually made its way West in the 20th century, thanks to Chinese immigrants. Sic bo, also known as hi-lo, is mainly known for its fast-paced gameplay and exciting betting options. 

Players place bets on different areas of the table, similar to roulette. The dealer then shakes dice inside of a box before opening it and revealing the combination. Players can bet on the total score of the three dice, whether it will be odd or even, or if all three dice will be the same and much more. 

The Birth of Slot Machines

Slot machines don’t exactly have a long history and are a relatively recent invention. Still, their impact on the casino industry has been nothing short of magical, as most floor space in a casino is dedicated to these one-armed bandits. Also known as fruit machines, slot machines were invented in the late 19th century in the United States and quickly became popular. They would eventually lead the way to the electric slot machines we know and love.

While early slot machines used pictures of fruit, there are thousands of different slot machines with different themes available these days. Themes can range from different movies and video games to simple, updated versions of the original style. They’ve become so popular that you can even find them at gas stations in certain states in America. 

That concludes a brief yet interesting journey through the history of different casino games from around the world. These games have certainly stood the test of time and will be around for centuries to come. While they may be improved upon or altered slightly as the years pass by, you will always be able to trace them back to their roots in history, from ancient China to medieval Europe. It’s safe to say that whether you prefer to bluff in poker or roll the dice in craps, there’s a game for everyone in the modern world of casinos. 

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