Traditional Slots Versus Progressive Jackpot Slots: Similarities and Differences

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Slots games are slot games…right? Yes and no. There are two major types of slot games with similarities and differences: traditional slots and progressive jackpot slots. When you are ready to experience both types, you can hop on to an online casino, but for now, let’s learn more about them both!

The Similarities Between Traditional Slots And Progressive Jackpot Slots

Traditional and progressive jackpot slots both utilize about 3 to 5 reels on a machine system with different paylines to show winning payouts. The number of reels is dependent on the online slots’ developer’s preference as to whether they want to do more of a classic feel (3 reels) or a modern take (5 reels).

Another key similarity between traditional and progressive jackpot slots is the use of a random number generator (RNG). To reassure the game is fair and only won by chance and not by a specific manner, slots gaming software developers integrate a random number generator into game operations so that each reel lands on a random number or symbol every time so that it is not a winning payline every spin.

The graphics and overall slots gaming themes could be almost the same for a traditional slots or progressive jackpot slots game. Slots game developers are always looking for the next best way to have high-quality graphics that captivate players such as bells and whistles when hitting a winning payline, the iconic reel spin sound each time you pull the lever, and other sayings or sound effects based on the specific themed slots experience that is being enjoyed.

The Differences Between Traditional Slots And Progressive Jackpot Slots

One of the main differences between traditional slots and progressive jackpot slots is the payout structure. While traditional slots have a more fixed payout structure, progressive jackpot slots can get bigger and bigger with the more wagers that bettors make on that specific slot machine.

For example, a traditional slot machine that pays back 97% of the original bet because of its Return to Player (RTP) rate, then any individual who places a $100 bet on that machine will win back $97 and that’s it. Alternatively, a progressive jackpot slot machine, even with a $100 bet, could pay out a lucky winner thousands if not millions based on how much the progressive jackpot payout is valued.

Speaking of jackpots, the jackpot potential between a traditional machine and a progressive jackpot slot machine is very different. Traditional slot machines usually offer smaller payouts in comparison to their progressive jackpot cousins. Because of the allure of hitting the jackpot, even though the chances might be very low, slots players love the thrill of the chase when wagering on a progressive jackpot slot machine because of the life-changing payout amount usually associated with it in contrast to a traditional machine.

Depending on the progressive jackpot game’s requirements, you may have to place a max bet for you to qualify for the jackpot should you hit a winning payline during gameplay. In contrast, a traditional slot machine may let you make a bet as low as $1 if you prefer a lower risk gaming experience and are a novice with slots in general. The ability to make varying bet sizes on a traditional slot machine makes it more comforting to some players so they are only possibly losing out on money they can afford to lose.

Which Type Of Slots Is the Better Pick?

Between traditional slots and progressive jackpot slots, the better pick is based on your desired risk level. You could put a lot of money into a progressive jackpot machine, but still not achieve the bountiful jackpot because of not hitting a winning payline. However, if you like the risk associated with the potential huge reward of playing progressive jackpot slots, then this type is right for you.

Maybe the risky experience associated with a progressive jackpot is not your play style. Perhaps you prefer smaller bets so that you do not feel you are losing out on too much if you don’t hit a winning payline. In this case, traditional slots would be better for you.

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