Payment Perfection: Exploring the Ultimate Payz Casinos List by Casino Banking Methods

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Payz is not a new name among eWallets. That is because it was formerly known as ecoPayz. Also, the different casinos that have tied up with this payment merchant. Indeed, the world of eWallets has made online gaming a safer place. At the same time, eWallets like Payz help process payments much faster. They are safer as well since customers need not divulge bank account details. All this and more we discover about Payz as well.

Background of Payz

Now that we know that Payz was formerly known as ecoPayz, we know that the company has been around for a while. That is, it was founded as ecoCard back in the year 2000. The parent company was PSI-Pay Ltd. Hence, it is one of the long-standing eWallet companies. Indeed, it is a European contender to the long-standing American counterpart, PayPal. 

Since 2008 the parent company was cleared for electronic services. Under the directive of FSA or the Financial Services Authority, the company opened its electronic services. The company also launched its iOS app around this time. Along with that, the company started customer support in several languages. The app obtained praise for its user-intuitive design and use. 

Soon the brand became ecoPayz. They launched sub-brands such as ecoVirtual, ecoAccount and others. At the same time, the company added many cutting-edge payment and technology features. Since May 2023 the brand is now called Payz. It is available to customers across 154 countries. However, in some countries where gambling is prohibited, such as Turkey or Hungary, Israel Paz cannot be used to pay for online gambling. 

The main focus markets of this payment merchant are the UK and several European countries. Here we look at Payz casinos list by casino banking methods. That is, what are the advantages of using this payment option?

How Customers Can Set up an Account with Payz?

The steps to set up an account with this platform are easy:

  • One needs to get started by visiting the official website of the company.
  • Click on the Sign-Up option.
  • Every new customer needs to key in a valid email address.
  • He or she needs to choose a password for their account.
  • Customers also need to choose a unique username for their account.
  • The password one chooses needs to be a combination of symbols, letters and numbers; it should also have capitals.
  • Customers can then choose their country, preferred language and their currency of choice.
  • There are other details that one needs to key in; these include name and date of birth, address and phone number.

Once a customer completes the above steps their account is successfully created.

How to Make Casino Payments Using Payz?

Steps are easy when you are paying with Payz:

  • Head over to your account section on a casino website.
  • Choose the payment method; ensure the casino has Payz available for your region.
  • You can choose to deposit funds directly using your account balance; alternately a customer can use their ecoCard or the ecoVirtualCard.

Once the above steps are complete, one can easily make deposits. To make withdrawals using Payz, there are certain terms to check. Not all casinos make the same methods available for withdrawal. Hence you need to ensure that the website accepts Payz for withdrawals as well. After that, you must key in the required information regarding your Payz account. Also, a customer needs to confirm that they want the transfer. Usually, customers receive their funds into their ecoAccount directly. It takes about a maximum of 48 hours. Most casinos process payments to eWallets within 24 hours. They can take a maximum of 3 to 5 days as well.

Transaction Fees on Payz

The platform is a low-cost payment option. Even if a customer needs to pay processing fees, this depends on their account level. There are four levels. These start from Classic, go up to Silver, Gold and end at Platinum or VIP.

If one deposits into their Payz account using a credit card, they need to pay a flat fee of about 0.25 EUR. There could also be transaction fees amounting to 1.69 to 6% of the transaction amount. If one is using eVouchers then they can face deposit fees. It can be about 2.9%. If one wishes to make a bank transfer from their Payz account they face transfer fees as well. It starts from 10 EUR and comes down to 7 for the VIP level. Also, a customer can face currency conversion fees. It can vary from 1.25% to 2.99%.

Benefits and More with Payz

It is one of the long-standing eWallet payment methods. Most casino sites accept this mode of payment. Customers see instant additions when they make deposits using Payz. Also, withdrawals come through fast. In most cases, customers do not face transaction or processing fees. Even if they do the amount is negligible.

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