EcoPayz is one of the longest-running online casino payment options – here’s why!

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Among the many online casino payment options that are available, ecoPayz has proven longevity in the arena. It is one of the oldest e-wallet services in the world and continues to be a popular deposit option for players. Part of the big appeal of ecoPayz is that it is so well-established, and it has built up a strong reputation for service and reliability.

The ecoPayz story

EcoPayz was launched in 2000, just a couple of years after PayPal had launched this new breed of payment solution. The ecoPayz service was initially launched as ecoCard before a bit of rebranding took shape and it became ecoPayz. It now runs under the shorter name of just Payz.

Payz is a versatile end-to-end payment platform that is convenient and safe for individuals and businesses. It is not just a service to use for online casinos, it is a payment solution that can also be used in physical locations as well thanks to their app and the ecoPayz card. 

Casino integration

As the presence of online casinos grew thanks to better web technology and faster connection times, there was a need for more efficient payment options to come along as well. This has led to there being a vast number of ecoPayz online casinos to select from, as digital payment solutions like e-wallets have become firmly integrated with online casinos.

To this day, any banking option like a wire transfer or a debit card withdrawal will take longer than e-wallet solutions. The speed of processing is the big area where latter options like ecoPayz win out.

The growth of instant, safe and fast payment options at online casinos has opened the doors of accessibility, and digital wallets have become the modern way to pay and play.

The security of ecoPayz

Security is naturally a big focus for consumers. This extends from using only licensed and established online casino sites, to protecting account information, playing on secure connections and using reliable payment options.

The latter is where the appeal of ecoPayz comes into play. Payz use the highest standards of data security and encryption to protect balances and transactions, plus they are regulated.

As part of their security safeguards, Payz doesn’t hold customer money, instead, it is kept completely separate from their own, much in the same way that online casinos segregate funds. With Payz, this process is verified every year by an independent expert.

How ecoPayz Works

EcoPayz does not share any of the payment methods that are linked to the account, or any of your payment details when initiating a transaction through their platform. For many online gamblers, this is a key element that drives preference of choice towards e-wallets.

While the Payz account must initially be funded through an option like a bank transfer or a debit card, the details of that funding source are not shared. Payz is essentially the middle-man that shields all your financial information, which is a completely different scenario from visiting an online casino and directly linking a debit card or bank account to it.

Keeping it mobile

Another layer of convenience that Payz brings to the table is its smart technology. There is an app available for both iOS and Android and you can even create your account through it. The registration process itself is quick and easy to set up, and using the app on the same device where online casino play happens is a natural meshing of convenience.

The Payz app can be secured through biometrics with either a fingerprint or facial scan, and two-factor authentication can also be set up. The platform has robust protection against bad actors such as spyware and viruses on both computer and mobile devices.

Range of availability

As Payz has been around for the best part of a quarter of a century, it has naturally built trust. It’s not some modern e-money start-up that is trying to gain traction in a sector that is already heavily populated with established digital wallets.

Many people look at the longevity of a company as being an asset. That’s why it is so easy to find Payz casinos as it is a platform that users know and trust and online casinos readily accept it.

Serving with dual operations

There are still deposit and withdrawal limits to navigate when using Payz at online casinos, which is the same for all payment options. Payz has proven itself over time to be a trusted, e-money payment option that can conveniently be used for both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

The future

Everything about advancing to the future seems to be driven by the factors of speed, security and mobile convenience. Within the last decade, the growth of digital wallets has been coupled with significant advances. Transaction speeds have vastly improved, user interfaces have gotten increasingly more user-friendly and more intuitive as time has gone on.

The same can be said of security. It’s improved by leaps and bounds compared to whatever was running a decade ago. Technology grows and so does the requirement of financial business to keep up to protect customer interest, so advanced security measures will continue to be rolled out.

Arguably, Payz hasn’t enjoyed the massive branding success of its predecessor PayPal. However, its broad reach makes it one of the leading payment options for online casinos.

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